College.ai is a free service to help people navigate choosing and paying for college, featuring the largest database of college scholarships in the world.

It is running from a hybrid AI model which incorporates an interconnected series of large language models, text-to-image generators, gradient-boosting machines, and AI-driven search models. The hope is that by linking all these together, we can develop something closer to contextual understanding within a limited domain. So, if you use college.ai, you are actually anonymously participating in a rather ambitious AI experiment. But, aside from all that, this site is a great way to research colleges and universities, community colleges, trade schools, and online colleges, along with scholarships.

Be sure to check out the Return on Investment rating, which evaluates schools based upon their total cost, factoring grants, loans, and interest and then determining how many years of post-college income with a degree from that school it will take to pay off the total cost. No need to register, the site is just free to use. Good luck!