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Wyoming is a vastly large state with flat, ranch filled plains to beautiful, rugged mountains. It also has 3 community colleges that provide a high quality education. It is home to the Great Teton Mountains and Yellowstone National Park that is adjacent to the infamous Jackson Hole ski area. Then, across the state, there is the famous natural wonder of Devils Tower with all its creation stories. In the middle, there is plenty of hiking, biking, rodeos, and festivals that show the true Wild West country of Wyoming. Though large in land, small in population, the people are welcoming to the state and especially to nursing students.

About Wyoming

Wyoming is a state in the western United States. The state is the 10th largest by area, the least populous, and the second most sparsely populated state in the country. Wyoming is bordered on the north by Montana, on the east by South Dakota and Nebraska, on the south by Colorado, on the southwest by Utah, and on the west by Idaho. The state capital and largest city is Cheyenne.

Wyoming is one of the most mountainous states in the country, with an average elevation of 5,813 feet (1,768 m). The eastern two-thirds of the state is covered by the Rocky Mountains, while the western third is a high plateau with smaller mountain ranges. In the north, the Absaroka Range and the Bighorn Mountains extend into Wyoming from Montana and Idaho respectively, while in the south the Laramie Range and the Medicine Bow Mountains cross the state line from Colorado.

Wyoming is home to several national parks and monuments, including Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Devils Tower National Monument. The Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano in North America, is located in Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming's economy is based on extractive industries such as mining, oil and gas, and tourism. Wyoming is the only state in the country where coal is mined commercially. Other important industries include livestock ranching and agriculture.

The first known inhabitants of the region now known as Wyoming were Native Americans. The region was explored by fur trappers and mountain men in the early 19th century, and Wyoming became a US territory in 1868. Wyoming was admitted to the Union as the 44th state in 1890.

Wyoming's history is shaped by the state's natural resources. Wyoming has been a leader in the development of renewable energy, and is the largest producer of wind power in the country. The state is also a leading producer of uranium.

Wyoming has a diverse landscape, with something to offer everyone. From the majestic mountains and wildlife of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, to the wide open spaces of the high plains, Wyoming is a truly unique state.

Wyoming Trade Schools

School City Enroll In-State Cost Out-State Cost
Cheeks Beauty Academy Cheyenne 14 $0 $0

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